Success Stories from those who joined the Divorce Programs

“Confidentiality and being judged were real concerns of mine prior to booking an appointment, however, Nicola soon put me at ease. She demonstrates discretion, understanding and empathy – a true professional, which is essential when discussing your divorce. More than this it works! My life has improved dramatically in many areas since the 2 day program, over the past year my business has grown and my relationship with my family has got so much better. If you feel you could benefit from letting go of your past then I recommend you experience Nicola’s divorce support, you won’t look back”.
STEVEN, Abu Dhabi

“I didn’t realize until I started working with Nicola that I was carrying a lot of anger from the past. This was effecting my motivation and despite wanting to change, I just couldn’t seem to escape my old habits. The day session and ongoing support really helped me put things into perspective and plan a future where I felt more compelled to act. It has been five months now since the divorce and I’m in a much better place moving towards goals that excite me. I no longer feeling low or lonely, as with Nicola’s help I’ve built a good network of new friends, got physically fit and am ready to date again. Over all the best thing from working with Nicola has been increase in my confidence. I now know how to please a woman, feel strong and good in myself and about the future.
BEN, Saudi Arabia

“The children program was so helpful, my 2 children reacted completely differently to our separation. It was so hard to know what to do with the bad behavior with one and quietness with the other. I wish I knew about the program before. Even though my ex-spouse didn’t agree to the co-parenting plan meeting, the advice given enabled me to manage the process myself. Before I applied the techniques the parental exchanges were cold and difficult, now they are calm and collaborative. I was most impressed by the detail of the content, Nicola prepared me for every eventuality.”

“The best thing I got from the divorce program was being able to move on and forgive myself. I still felt so bad for my children. Now that has gone I feel so much better and the program has helped me help my children with the change.”
ANNE, Abu Dhabi

“It was great having someone to develop strategies and moves with, when my ex’s family got involved I hit the roof but coaching helped me remain calm for the divorce hearings and family which was important. I would have gone insane going through it alone. I don’t like to burden my friends or family with personal issues, having a sounding board made my life a lot less stressful.”
VIJAY, London UK

“In 3 months I created a happy, safe and loving environment for me and my son”
I hired Nicola Beer to help me get through tough times and get back on my feet after the separation. With every phone call I used to get from my ex husband I would collapse. Everytime he took our son I would get panic attacks. I was very worried about how will the divorce effect my son Ghassan. I was also feeling lost, as I didn’t really know what makes me happy. I felt like I lost my friends because most will side with him because of the things he keeps saying about me. I also lost trust in the closest people in my life. My self-esteem and self-confidence are rock-bottom. One of the first things that helped me is actually working on strength and achievements inventory, it made me realize that I have done and achieved a lot in my life and I am a very strong person, I have adapted to many difficult situations and this is just one of them. Nicola convinced me to become a part of some social networks where I made some new friends, only to find out that my old friends never left me and they actually saw through him and what he has been saying about me all along. They are fully supporting me.
Nicola, brought to my attention that kids value stability, comfort and support and as long as I’m providing Ghassan with all that he needs, he will never leave me which is threatened by my ex constantly. Nicola got me into reading, writing a journal and going to the gym, which brought in a tremendous value to my life. It really felt like I’m doing something useful with my time and things that makes me happy. She also highlighted that divorce could actually be beneficial for kids sometimes, because they see through their parents and absorb the way the feel all the time and it’s not healthy for the kids to see one of their parents getting verbally or physically abused. Also, with time, I can start being honest with Ghassan and show him the benefits of having two different homes. Finally, I decided to get an apartment for Ghassan and I, and that was the finale for finding peace, comfort and happiness.

RANA, Saudi Arabia

“I must admit, I went into the coaching thinking is this bull***t? and will this stuff work for me? But after wanting to meet someone I could settle down with, for such a long-time, I thought it’s got to be worth a go. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe Nicola’s coaching was good, because I was referred by a friend in the UK who met his wife after joining her 6 month program, but I thought it wouldn’t work for me, especially as, I did and still do work long hours. Plus I am not the type of person who drinks much or likes hanging out in bars, let alone going their to meet women. So I had serious doubts about investing in relationship coaching, but it was the best thing I did. I learnt all about relationships and women’s needs. Most importantly I met Anna, the love of my life. I am so pleased I went for it and of course grateful to Nicola for everything I learned about myself and relationships over the 9 months.”