Do things seem to be getting worse with time not better?

Are you struggling to connect or is intimacy awkward?

Do trivial things keep getting blown way out of proportion?

If the answer is yes to one of these, consider getting some support to change things today.

After The Affair – Relationship Strengthener –  Individuals or Couples

Together there are some definite steps and policies you will need to implement to repair and move on from the affair.  In the program we will go through the first 5 key steps the unfaithful spouse must do as well as look at the commitments and new policies you will need to adopt together. I will explain the key policies to renewing the bond after an affair and together we can decide how best to implement and apply them in your relationship.

Rest assured you can heal and get through this. Many of my past clients 6 months later have said that the after the affair relationship strengthen session was the best thing that happened to their relationship. As we cover what you need to fall back “in love” and stay “in love” The program is not about going over the past, it’s about learning from it and using it as an opportunity to make your relationship and lives truly great.

After the Affair – Relationship Strengthener Program Outline

In order to strengthen your relationship we need to look at your strengths as well as your challenges. We will start looking at what you do have going for you as a married couple, and then look at what you want to change moving forward.

Challenges are important to outline so we can set a strategy to overcome them. The aim is to make you feel more connected than ever before, so I will give you tools to really open up to each other about your desires, dreams and hopes for the future. If you are wondering… if it is worth saving. Then the chances are you could benefit from creating a shared meaning and propose for being together.

If you are doubting whether marriage counseling will make a difference, that is natural too when hope has gone. The problem is if their is no hope, relationships often get worse. Why not take me up on my offer of a FREE Save My Marriage Consultation Today – just click below.

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