Finding Love 

If you are determined to find love and want a straight talking, no games approach, then you’ve come to the right place.

I help individuals who are not getting the love, respect and relationship they want to attract it into their life. It’s popular for those who feel lost when it comes to getting the love they want,  either because of extended “bad luck” or because they feel out touch with the dating world. It is also beneficial for professional men and women who can’t find the time to date, find it hard to trust or be intimate.

Those who have sought my help for relationship coaching face some of the common problems outlined below. Through partnering with me as their relationship and dating coach, my clients get both practical and emotional help to achieving their relationship goals.

Goals vary from finding a soul mate,  getting married, starting a family or meeting someone to retire with.

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Here are some of signs the finding love program could benefit you.
  • You believe for cultural or religious reasons finding your ideal match is impossible
  • You want to be in a relationship but are far too busy
  • Your feel down about the difficulty you’ve had so far in finding the right match
  • Your convinced you won’t meet anyone that you like
  • Your considering settling for less than what you want
  • You do really want someone to share your life with but don’t believe it will happen
  • You don’t like drinking, bars or nightclubs, so have no clue how to meet someone
  • You dread social gatherings where you are on your own
  • The couples around you constantly remind you of the life you want
  • You are staring to panic about the time passing you by
  • You feel like you have a tendency to attract the wrong type of men / women
  • You feel it is impossible to meet someone where you are or with the job you have
  • Your concerned you are too old, young, poor, overweight, unattractive to have someone special
  • You have barely had any dates or long-term relationships
  • You don’t feel you can trust anyone ever again
  • You make toxic relationship choices


Finding Love Program

Those who seek my relationship support usually need just 4-8 sessions to put them on the path to finding Mr or Mrs Right. But many enjoy the 6 month package, where I hold them accountable for taking action towards their desires.  Having an objective view helps you to see things more clearly and gain a realistic perspective when finding and growing a relationship.

  • As your relationship transformation specialist I will unravel the deeper, often subconscious, barriers that are preventing you having the relationship you want
  • If required, I will help you to free yourself from any past relationship baggage in your way of true happiness
  • Together we will create a crystal clear vision of who you want to spend your life with. In order to attract someone new in your life it is key to identify what it is that you want.
  • We will then map out ways for you to consistently create opportunities to find potential mates.
  • You’ll learnt to be confidently you, in all situations, so that you meet the right person for you.
  • We will explore your deepest values, who you really are and what is most important to you , so filtering through potential partners becomes easy.
  • Ensuring you take action to feel good about yourself is an essential helping you meet your relationship goals. As your coach I support you spring clean the clutter and bad habits in your life, so you transmit only positive energy, self-respect and kindness.
  • If desired, you’ll get help with completing your online dating profile, receive online dating tips and support selecting the right image for any dating site you wish to join.
  • If required, overcoming jealousy, insecurities and resolving any tension as they arise
  • If required, you’ll learn how to read your date’s body language, as well as tips on how to behave.

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