The impact of divorce on children can be minimized by ensuring you take measures to protect them throughout the process.

Below are two programs that focus on putting the needs of children first when it comes to separation and divorce.

Parenting and Co-parenting through Divorce

Co-parenting and single parenthood bring its own unique challenges and stress. But you need to stay grounded for your children and avoid bringing them into the process. The program focuses on creating healthy family relationships and tools for co-parenting to minimize conflict and restore peace.

Areas covered include

Telling your children

Giving your children coping skills

Helping your children deal with their emotions

What to do when your child doesn’t want to see you or the other parent

Establishing joint clear rules for children

Knowing when to seek help for your children

Co-parenting agreements and decision making on

Living arrangements, holidays, financial needs of children, health care, visa’s, education, religion, childcare and rules around new partners.

Tools on dealing with co-parenting stress and conflict


Helping children with divorce

As a UK certified grief recovery specialist, child of divorce and divorce coach. I have great insight to help you guide your children through this difficult time. Divorce brings many losses for children, so you want to make sure you provide the right loving environment for them and avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to parenting and divorce.

Children need reassurances and support to adapt to the changes and this what we cover in the half day intensive. You will also know how to recognize the warning signs of when your children may need additional support. Rest assured if managed well, children can benefit from having two different loving environments and it can strength their bond with both parents.

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Attention: Separated or Divorced Parents

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