Divorce Support

Are You Ready to Do Whatever It Takes to Get Yourself Out of Divorce Overwhelm and into the Life You Deserve?
Divorce coaching can help you to come to terms with what has happened, restore your peace of mind, and lead you to take actions that will ultimately help you to be happier and healthier.


Divorce Support Programs

Deciding if the Marriage is Over – see separate tab
Divorce Preparation and Support
Creating New Life After Divorce see separate tab

Finding Love Again – see separate tab
Helping Children Through Divorce see separate tab
Divorce Preparation and Support
Untangling from the marriage involves preparation from financial preparations, where to get legal advice, when to file for divorce, how to tell your spouse, how to tell your children and going public with the divorce. Also considering who moves out, where to live, visas, passports, medical insurance, school and child care planning. Being prepared doesn’t mean you are definitely getting divorced but getting accurate information is crucial. For any legal advice I can put you in touch with divorce & family lawyers whether you are divorcing in the UAE, Europe or further afield.

Ongoing divorce support

Going through a divorce is often lonely, stressful and tiring. Many find having a confidant and thought partner throughout the process helps them to make clearer decisions and get through it with their sanity, career and finances still in intact. In the sessions you can vent your frustrations and concerns, enabling us to deal with them immediately rather than let them build up or worst, come out in front of your children, co-workers, friends and family. Clients have found this program a great source of strength and a valuable resource to avoid excessive stress and angry outbursts (that they would have later regretted) in their journey.

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Moving On Fast VIP Day 

This popular 7 step program is designed for people who want to create a happier and more fulfilling chapter in their life FAST.

We start by creating a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to look like post-divorce. If you’re not sure, don’t worry I have some great tools to help you decide and define it.

Then together we will put to bed any past issues from the breakup and divorce still plaguing your mind. As well as challenge any unhelpful beliefs, strategies or habits you adopted as a result of the breakup, that could be sabotaging your happiness.

Next, we focus on rediscovering and redefining who you truly you are. This is important because after years of marriage and doing things for others, many feel like they don’t know who they are anymore. In order to be happy and plan your future, you need to know what is most important to you.

Together we will reveal these and finish the session outlining powerful actions you can take to create your new beginning. This could be a new career or business venture, physical or personal challenge, moving country, making new friends or finding someone special. Together we will define what will bring you the most joy and outline the fastest route to get there.

Many go on to have one of the following programs after

Finding Love Again
Helping Children Through Divorce
Overcoming Co-Parenting challenges

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