If you are determined to find love and want a straight talking, no games and no nonsense approach, then you’ve come to the right place.

 My one-on-one coaching programs will move you past outmoded dating patterns into a successful relationship. You’ll learn how to create more opportunities to meet potential dates. How to master first dates and ways to keep them interested in you. All of this will leave you feeling confident and finally in control of your love life!

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The Finding Love Program is for you if 


You find you keep on attracting the wrong people

Work or family interfere with your dating

You find similar patterns keep repeating themselves

You feel you get overlooked in social gatherings or your profile gets overlooked on dating sites


During the 3 or 6 month program, I will be there to guide you throughout the searching and dating process, hold you accountable for the changes you want to make and action you will take.

Here is some of what we will cover

Practical Support

The inner work to attracting someone great is crucial, I had no clue about this but when I made a shift, I almost instantly attracted 3 relationships. Inner work may involve you quitting bad habits and letting go of old flames, making such changes are not always easy to make when going at it alone. There will be times your willpower will be tested and many find having a coach beneficial to help them stay on track and reach their goals. For example to help ensure that work or family don’t get in the way or insecurity, anger or jealously doesn’t ruin their chances of happiness.


Most men and women are attracted to confidence. Yet dating again after a breakup or divorce can be daunting, many may feel out of place, nervous and lost. Part of attracting someone great, who will treat you as you deserve to be treated is feeling good about yourself. So I will work with you to take actions that make you feel attractive, interesting and confident.

Relationship Compatibility

Many want to avoid previous mistakes and find the right person who is compatible with them. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment which has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others, we will look at your personality in relationships.

This is fascinating because it will highlight who you are compatible with and how to become more compatible with other lovers too. It can also be used to show silent saboteurs as to why you’re single and what you will have to overcome to attract and retain a happy relationship.

Dating Support

Having previously struggled to find the right relationship for many years, i’ve been on plenty of dates.  Some good, different and plenty of bad, this insight wisdom I look forward to sharing with you.

Advice may include mastering first dates, reading body language, online dating profiles, pictures and tips, overcoming doubts, clearer perspective and communication in between dates.

Ongoing Support Includes

  • Strategy to meet your ideal partner
  • Mastering first dates and reading body language
  • Breaking old habits to attract the relationship you deserve
  • Overcoming any challenges in finding your ideal match, in dating and communication between dating
  • Support on making relationship decisions
  • Online and offline dating tips
  • An objective view on issues you may wish to discuss.
  • Private support to stop fears, doubts and old beliefs hindering your chances
  • Innovative brainstorming for you to consistently create opportunities to find potential mates.
  • Powerful processes to increase your dating confidence
  • Ensuring you take consistent action to feel good about yourself, which is essential to securing someone irresistible.
  • If required, overcoming jealousy, insecurities and resolving any tensions or doubts as they arise
  • If required, support to end toxic relationships and break the negative cycle
  • If desired, you’ll get help with completing your online dating profile, online dating site selection and tips and support selecting the right image for any dating site you wish to join

If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you. Contact me and let’s set up a call to chat.

From my heart to yours, Nicola

P.S Want to know why so many people struggle with finding incredible relationships?

No… it’s not because there aren’t any good women or men left out there, or because you are in the wrong city, profession, or time in your life.

And it’s definitely not because the kind of love and relationship you want doesn’t exist.

The main reason people struggle is because they don’t believe this is possible for them, especially after a divorce.

Take these 3 steps with me, so you can attract an incredible relationship

Step 1 – Eliminate Any Blocks to Great Relationship

We start by looking at the 10 main reasons many men and women remain single like: fear of losing freedom or control, that their career will suffer or wondering whether it will be worth it. Together we will look at anything that is preventing you from having the relationship you want.

We will also look at any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that could be hindering your chances.

As soon as we eliminate any unhelpful beliefs, and address these common reasons that block attracting a mate, you will be ready for an intimate, irresistible relationship.

Lastly I will share some powerful processes that will help you increase your confidence. This is the foundation to ensuring you’re set up to date someone great.

Step 2 – Clarity on What you Want

 Next we focus on creating a crystal clear vision of what you want in a partner and from a relationship. In order to attract someone new into your life you must know what it is you want and what you don’t want, rather than dating aimlessly. Or wasting your precious time on dating someone that isn’t a fit and spending hours questioning and analyzing it whether they are right or not.

Step – 3 Strategy and Action Plan

With the clarity of what you want we will define a strategy and action plan for you to follow to meet them. This step will save you heaps of time and energy looking for love in the wrong places. Together we will brainstorm ways to consistently create opportunities to find potential mates. Success is about being persistent, patient and setting yourself up to win.

Your strategy may include online and off line dating. Online dating support may include help with completing your online dating profile, online dating site selection and tips and support selecting the right image for any dating site you wish to join. Dating tips may include how to really master first dates, read body language and communicate effectively between dates.

However, if dating is not in line with your cultural and religious norms and beliefs we will explore other avenues for you to meet and marry the partner you desire.



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