You may be wondering….

Can trust be rebuilt?

Can we really get through this?

Will the anger go?

Will I ever be able to get over it?

Can my spouse really ever forgive me?

 Is it possible to fall back in love again?

Will we ever be passionate about each other again?

Without hope, neither partner has the motivation to do what it takes. So what happens to so many couples is they sit and wait for time to make things better.

I will give you access to my case studies of how countless couples have saved their marriage after an affair. I will give you hope, that you can get through it too.

After the Affair Recovery program for couples is incredibly real. You will not be given a list of things to say and do that sounds good in theory  If only you were feeling better, you might be able to actually do them! No, we need to look at what is realistic, what can we change without losing our sense of self.

In fact Nicola’s coaching gets incredibly real as she gives case studies and practical tips from countless couples who have been through this before.


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After The Affair Recovery Programs are designed based on the couple and involve joint and individual sessions for fast healing and lasting result. Knowing how to deal with a cheating husband or cheating wife can be difficult and you want to keep it extremely private. Contact me in confidence today.