Meet Nicola

Martial Problems, Affairs, Separation and Divorce often trigger emotional chaos, confusion, feelings of rejection and failure.

I see firsthand the devastating impact it can have on couples and individuals lives. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Specialist Areas


I specialize in a 10 step program to help couples increase the love, passion and happiness in their marriage!

My approach is different to traditional marriage counseling, there will be no hashing out old problems or blame, that doesn’t work! No one ever saved their marriage by talking about how bad things are. Instead I focus on helping you get over resentment, past hurt individually as well as focusing on creating a new loving and exciting future together.

If an affair has taken place or trust and respect have been broken because of something else, then I have strategies to help with that also and make the relationship stronger than ever before.

In addition to infidelity I’ve also supported couples struggling with anger issues, addictions, financial conflicts, boredom, threats of divorce and family interference.

If you’re struggling right now with one of these issues book your FREE Save My Marriage Consultation now.

Free Save My Marriage Consultation

Breakups and Divorce

I help individuals turn their divorce experience into an opportunity for self-development, growth, where they look back and say “Nicola divorce was the best thing that has happened for me and my family”. It’s not easy, but with commitment, will power and a good sense of humor you can turn things around. I can support you to sail through any periods of confusion, self-doubt, indecision, anxiety and overwhelm. Which are all normal and natural reactions that can occur.

If you are feeling crushed, confused, frustrated or any other difficult emotions you are not alone and don’t need to go through it alone. I have tools to help you if you’re looking to save your marriage or create a new life after divorce. With the right approach you can feel vibrant again and take positive steps towards a fulfilling future.

Dating and Finding Love

After a painful break-up or years out of dating, finding the right life partner can be challenging. Dating again can cause fears and insecurities to come to the surface, as well as a helping of disappointment, I know, I’ve been there. Having learned the hard way after 5 years of half-hearted, self-sabotaging dating, I now help countless individuals find their ideal life partner. With a great 90% plus success rate. Whether your wish is to find someone to settle down and start a family with, someone to retire or travel with or someone to share your current life with I’d love to partner with you and create a plan. With action, the right guidance and motivation, you will be able to reach your finding love goals quicker than you thought previously. Check out the finding your ideal partner and dating programs under the divorce section for more information or send me a message or give me a call

My Mission and Passion

My Mission is to support you through the difficult times, help you reduce stress and find inner peace. So you can feel alive again. If you are concerned about your children we can look at strategies to help them too.


‘Keeping Busy’ or waiting for ‘Time to Heal’ will not enable you to move forward in your life or relationships. Sadly many people find things get worse over time not better.

My passion is to move you from simply getting by and surviving the day to day to a place where you and your relationships are thriving.

How I Found My Calling

My Mum suffers from mental illness and throughout our childhood was verbally and physically abusive towards me and my siblings. My parents had a bitter marriage 10 years of fighting and hostility and then had a bitter divorce during my teens. This meant things at home got progressively worse, as we no longer had Dad to protect us. I learned to repress my anger and sadness, which had negative consequences throughout my teens and resulted in low self-confidence.

I didn’t really think too much about divorce again and saving marriages until I began private coaching in 2007. It’s funny because people always ask me why I choose to save marriages or help people through divorce and I say I didn’t it….

It chose me!

You see in my online private practice I kept being sent individuals going through marriage problems, infidelity after discovering a cheating husband or cheating wife, or divorce all wanting to put the past behind them and find happiness. I began helping them devise ways to reduce stress, overcome anxiety and make their future more fulfilling.

What Motivates Me

Every day I get to see individuals and couples I work with become happier, more confident and excited about the future. I can’t help but wonder if things would have been different in my own childhood if my parents had a marriage specialist to support them resolve their differences and create a loving home environment.

Or when they decided on divorce to help them through the stress, give them strategies to cope and let go of the past.

It was then I decided that this is the area of coaching I would dedicate my life to, helping men and women save the marriage or if divorce was in process support them through it. I don’t want anyone to suffer the way we did as lives can easily with a few actions be made happier.

I became familiar with divorce again personally when my older sister with four children went through it. I listened to the different painful reactions she and my brother-in-law went through from panic attacks, depression, feelings of failure, anger, regret and arguments over parenting, finances and bills. The children also had different reactions and just like my own childhood experience, and they needed different special attention. Hearing the difficulties my sister and many of my coaching clients faced surrounding divorce and children. I decided to design programs to help protect children through divorce.

As well as becoming trained in Marriage Saving Techniques, I became fascinated by what makes relationships really work well. Since then people from all over the world schedule private Skype sessions with me or seek my counsel by joining one of my marriage transformation group programs. Thousands of people also tune into my audio podcast shows available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud – just search “Nicola Beer” to find them. Thousands also visit my Save My Marriage Program website and download the quiz or report.

When my relationship ended and through other periods of future uncertainty, I turned to short-term relievers such as over-eating, alcohol, medication or distractors like excessive working, shopping, or exercising to help, but they don’t save a marriage or help you get through a divorce.

I’ll be honest with you, 15 years ago in tough and lonely times in my life I used to drink every night just to relax or sleep better but nothing got better, I was just hitting the pause button on my healing and life. Then when I kicked that habit, I replaced it with night time food binges, causing my self-confidence to plummet. You cannot escape from your emotions and using work, food and substances to get through rough times it doesn’t help. I discovered that not only is it possible to feel better without food or drink, but your life gets amazingly brighter when you acknowledge your feelings, deal with them and set strategies to move you forward. You can move on from the past in days, weeks and months, it doesn’t have to be years.

My Experience, Training, Certifications

From 2003 to 2007 I began working as a volunteer for the Samaritans. Samaritans is a UK Charity that supports people by listening, talking through options and helping them to understand their problems better. Since 2007 I began private coaching within the Middle East. I work with expats and locals from all over the Middle East, mainly from Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in person, expats in Asia Singapore and Hong Kong, London, Australia and the US via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

My 10-step program is proven to help solve a range of marriage problems and increase the love, passion and trust that is missing. It’s different to marriage counseling as I don’t believe the traditional marriage counseling model works, you talk over problems and then what? Things get better! I don’t think so, I don’t believe hashing out your problems moves you forward in fact it can damage the relationship further. With couples I focus on the future, I focus on increasing love, happiness and enjoyment. I focus on habits and actions that will bring a couple closer together and become friends again.


I also help those who feel stuck and unsure whether to stay or leave. This living in the “in-between stage” that kills the relationship, happiness and peace of mind. Then I have programs for those who are getting divorced to get through it with grace and dignity, create a new life after and help children with divorce, as well as co-parenting tools and support. The coaching is about taking hold of the experience and turning it into an opportunity for growth, self-development and a brighter future.

I’m UK and US certified in Coaching, Relationship Building, Couples Therapy, Grief and Loss Recovery, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Conflict Management, Addiction Recovery and Cellular DNA Healing.

The grief and loss recovery enables me to also work with parents to help their children through loss.

Any questions? I’d love to answer them book an appointment with me to schedule.

I have traveled extensively through 39 countries and this has allowed me to become aware of cultural and religious differences. I live in Dubai and have visited Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman many times. I have also traveled throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the US. Being aware of cultural and religious differences has allowed me to connect with many types of clients.

My Belief

It is our natural born right to be happy and live life to the fullest.  It doesn’t matter who you are, how you feel, or what has happened you can change your life and future.  If you want to restore peace of mind get in touch and book your complimentary session today.  Click here to get started!

My Hobbies

One of my big passions is traveling and Dubai is an ideal spot to be able to do that. I love yoga and walking, and find both powerful in clearing my mind.

When I am not working with my clients, you may find me out in town enjoying Dubai’s food and music scene. Or I maybe at home watching comedy (especially stand up), surfing YouTube or on social networking sites.

Now that I have clients, friends and family all over the world, it is helpful to be able to stay informed on what’s going on with them.

If you’d like to join me, stay in touch with me on social media.