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Nicola Beer

Marriage and Divorce Transformation Specialist

  • Marriage Counseling
    Healing from Infidelity
    Deciding if the Marriage is Over
  • Support Throughout Divorce
    Create a New Life After Divorce
  • Moving On (Fast) After a Breakup
  • Steps to Attract an Incredible Relationship
    Securing an Irresistible Partner
  • Helping Children with Divorce
  • Overcoming Co-parenting Challenges

International Best- Selling Author of 4  books on Amazon and has two podcast shows on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio. She has also been featured on:

Marriage Trouble?

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Struggling With Divorce?

Get the 10 Tips Creating a New Life After Divorce Now

Worried About Your Children?

Get My Chapter From Amazon Best-Seller Putting Kids First in Divorce

Nicola Beer Offers the Following Support

★ Marriage Counseling ★ Healing from Infidelity ★ Getting Through Divorce ★ Creating a New Life After Divorce ★ Dating & Finding Your Ideal Partner ★ Protecting Children Through Divorce ★ Overcoming Co-parenting Challenges ★

Relationship problems, separation and divorce consume a tremendous amount of energy and can leave you reeling for support. But it can be difficult to know who you can trust and where to turn…

Whilst there are many forms of marriage counseling and therapy, we believe our programs to be radically different. We don’t analyze the past or your mind, as a roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows is normal when relationships are threatened or end. Instead we provide practical solutions to common problems and equip you with tools to help you reduce stress, minimize pain and find peace of mind.

All programs therefore focus on the future and creating a new beginning for you and your loved ones. Nicola Beer conducts all of the one-to-one sessions either in person in Dubai or online around the world.

Whether you are looking to rescue your relationship, create a new life after divorce, help children through divorce or wanting to find love again, our proven programs have enabled individuals, couples and families to create a new beginning. For more details on programs click the “ABOUT TAB” at the top of the page.

Benefits of Programs Include:

  • Greater clarity in making important decisions about your future
  • Tools to improve relationships and handle difficult people and situations
  • Action plans to manage stress and create a new beginning
  • Increased energy and concentration through dealing with emotions
    Strategies to save money and time
  • Creating plans for a more fulfilling and happier future self and children.


What Can I Expect?

You will have a safe place where you can confidentially share your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Nicola gets great results with individuals and couples regardless of origin, ethnicity or religion.

Even if you have tried traditional relationship counseling, therapy or marriage counseling and it has not worked Nicola’s approach is radically different, because she doesn’t encourage couples to spend time going over past problems or hurt. Instead she provides solutions to issues by giving couples daily habits they can take to save their marriage. She runs sessions in Dubai within the UAE, or via Skype around the world. Why not book your complimentary consultation today to find out more

Marriage Transformation Programs

  • Ultimate Marriage Connecter
  • Ultimate Marriage Super Strengthener
  • Save My Marriage Program Online
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Infidelity Programs

  1. Healing From Your Partners Infidelity
  2. How to Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair
  3. Healing the Relationship After an Affair – For Couples
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  •  Moving on Fast – VIP Weeken
  •  3 Steps to Attracting an Incredible Relationship – see Dating Programs
  • Securing An Irresistible Partner – see Dating Programs
  • Removing Emotional Habits
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Divorce Programs

A divorce coach is a thought partner and confidant for individuals in the various stages of divorce. Nicola is someone who knows the process and the dynamics of what you’re going through and is fully committed to getting you to the other side of it. Nicola will share tools and strategies to help you emotionally heal and create a new richer and happier life after. Shortening the learning curve, so within months, not years, you will see results.

  • Deciding if the Marriage is Over
  • Divorce Preparation and Support
  • Dealing with the Loss
    Creating New Life After Divorce
To Stay or Leave a Struggling Marriage?
Listen to my radio interview where I talk about what to do are unsure whether to stay or leave


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Forgive and Let Go Hypnotherapy with Nicola Beer. Click on the button below to listen.

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